Learn what happened in business in today’s past


April 22:

1980: Market guru Joe Granville signals his 1,500 premium subscribers (who pay an extra $500 annually for his market-timing telephone alerts) to buy stocks. The next day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average surges 4% to close at 789.85. I dont think that I will ever make a serious mistake on the stock market for the rest of my life, crows Granville -- who freely admits he doesnt even invest his own money in stocks. Perhaps not; but listening to Granville's advice is a very serious mistake indeed: Financial newsletter expert Mark Hulbert later calculates that Granvilles followers lose 98% of their money following his market calls between 1980 and 1987.

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1970: The Dow Jones Industrial Average drops by 1.3% to 762.61, and H. Ross Perot suffers the worst one-day personal investment loss then on record. His Electronic Data Systems Corp. drops from roughly $150 a share to around $80 in chaotic over-the-counter trading, a paper loss of $450 million for Perot.

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