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April 19th:

1895: The Railroad Gazette publishes the first description for a business audience of engineer Herman Hollerith’s “electric tabulating machine,” a new data-processing device that uses electrical signals to read, count and sort punch cards on which data are reprensented by an array of holes. Hollerith’s company, the Tabulating Machine Co., is one of the ancestors of IBM.
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1903: Eliot Ness, future “G-man” and hero of the government’s war on organized crime immortalized in the movie The Untouchables, is born.
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1933: The day after Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt devalues the U.S. dollar, the stock market soars, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average leaping 5.66 points, or a near-record 9.0%, to close at 68.31.
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