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Wiley is pleased to introduce THE LITTLE BOOK OF SAFE MONEY:  How to Conquer Killer Markets, Con Artists, and Yourself, by esteemed author and The Wall Street Journal’s investing and personal finance columnist, Jason Zweig.



The Little Book of Safe Money is the perfect guide for those trying to make their way through today’s tough markets.  “Keeping your money safe,” says Zweig, “has gone from being a luxury to being an absolute necessity.”  The book covers everything from keeping your cash safe, to selecting stocks and bonds, to choosing the right financial advisor and understanding your own investing behavior.  This reliable resource goes one step further than the rest by questioning an investor’s true appetite for risk. The Little Book of Safe Money shows readers not only what to do but what not to do in order to build wealth and safeguard one’s financial future.

Page by page, this timely book:

  • Outlines strategies for satisfying our ever-changing investment appetites while focusing on a long-term financial plan
  • Discusses both the external and internal forces that can hurt your investment performance—and how you can better deal with them
  • Offers practical guidance, tools, and tips for surviving and thriving in a down market

In a straightforward and accessible style, Zweig peels away layer after layer of buzz words, emotion, and myths to reveal what’s really going on in today’s financial markets and how we can thrive under even the most adverse conditions.


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The Little Book of Safe Money: The Little Book of Safe Money:
How to Conquer Killer Markets, Con Artists, and Yourself
by Jason Zweig
Wiley, Publication date: November 16, 2009
(256 pp, $19.95, Cloth)To purchase online, click the link below:


Without violating copyright law, you can preview Chapter 1, The Three Commandments from The Little Book of Safe Money by Wiley, by clicking here: Read excerpt from Wiley (PDF* – 78 KB)

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“In a world of hype, where hundreds of books promise to make you rich, The Little Book of Safe Money is a wonderful antidote.  Jason Zweig presents accessible, commonsense advice that tells investors how to achieve moderate returns while avoiding all-too-tempting mistakes.”
Burton G. Malkiel, author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street

“Fun, fast, factual — and so wise.  No wonder so many enjoy reading Jason Zweig.”
Charles D. Ellis, author of Winning the Loser’s Game

“There are two parts to investing. One part seeks gains. The other part—too often overlooked—protects your standard of living when markets go bad. Jason Zweig brilliantly focuses on ‘protection,’ not only in bond investing but in stocks, as well. He names, and knocks, the products designed to part you with your money, while steering you toward the kinds of low-cost, low-risk investments that, historically, have come out ahead.”
Jane Bryant Quinn, financial columnist and author of Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People.

“Moses descended from the mountain with ten commandments.  Zweig brings us only three. But Moses wandered for forty years before he got to the point. Zweig gets to it fast and will guide you to your investment oasis.”
Meir Statman, Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance, Santa Clara University

“When it comes to protecting your money—and your sanity—no one has the goods like Jason Zweig.  If he wrote it, I’ll read it.  And you should, too. “
Jean Chatzky, financial editor, NBC Today show and author of Money 911

“Jason Zweig shows investors how to pursue their financial goals and avoid financial disaster. Read this book now and read it again before making every major investment decision.”
Terrance Odean, Rudd Family Foundation Professor of Finance, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

“I’ve been a financial planner for over 30 years and there is not one client I’ve worked with who would not profit from reading and heading the advice in The Little Book of Safe Money.”
Harold Evensky, President, Evensky & Katz


About Jason Zweig:

Jason Zweig

Jason Zweig is the investing and personal finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Previously, he was a senior writer for Money magazine and a guest columnist for Time magazine and Before joining Money in 1995, Zweig was the mutual funds editor at Forbes. A frequent commentator on television and radio, Zweig is also a popular public speaker who has addressed the American Association of Individual Investors, the Aspen Institute, the CFA Institute, the Morningstar Investment Conference, and university audiences at Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford. He serves on the editorial boards of Financial History magazine and the Journal of Behavioral Finance. Zweig has a BA from Columbia College, where he was awarded a John Jay National Scholarship.  LEARN MORE ABOUT JASON


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