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Image Credit: A bookshelf in Charlie Munger’s study (photo: Jason Zweig)


By Jason Zweig  |   May 3, 2019 11:11 a.m. ET


Charlie Munger is a living reminder that to be a great investor, you must be a great learner.

Listening to the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., as my colleague Nicole Friedman and I did on a visit to his Los Angeles home in late April, you would never guess that one of the world’s greatest investors is 95 years old—or that he is nearly blind, or that he can barely walk without severe back pain. Mr. Munger has a superabundance of stamina, curiosity and concentration that many people a third his age would envy.

Nicole and I—along with Mr. Munger’s friend Peter Kaufman, chief executive of Glenair Inc., an aerospace-parts manufacturer in Glendale, Calif.—were there to talk with him about his obsession with designing buildings for schools and other nonprofits.

But Mr. Munger was there to talk about anything on his mind, which is just about everything.


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