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By Jason Zweig | March 19, 2020 7:00 am ET


It isn’t just your portfolio that’s getting pounded. You are, too.

Every financial asset is falling at once, and the economy itself seems to be imploding. All investors — individuals and professionals alike — need to understand the havoc this kind of stress wreaks on the human brain. To keep it from destroying your long-term investing plan, you will need to manage that stress and restore a sense of control.

A market crash is always scary, but this time the fear and panic of huge daily drops are compounded by the dread and uncertainty of a global pandemic. As the markets crash and the virus spreads, many of us are watching in unprecedented social isolation, unable to be with many of the friends and family who normally help us put events in perspective.

All of this is unleashing a storm of stress in our brains. Understanding it may help us calm it.


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