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Image credit: Art Young, “For Sale” (Puck Magazine, Dec. 20, 1911), Library of Congress


By Jason Zweig |  July 19, 2018  10:00 p.m. 


My father, who died in 1981, was an inexhaustible font of wisdom and wit. I don’t know when he told me this particular three-part rule, but I’ve never forgotten it. I tweeted it three years ago, but people keep asking for it in one place, so here it is.

There are three ways to make a living:

1) Lie to people who want to be lied to, and you’ll get rich.

2) Tell the truth to those who want the truth, and you’ll make a living.

3) Tell the truth to those who want to be lied to, and you’ll go broke.

The rest is commentary.



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